About Us

The Road to the Bed and Breakfast…

My husband and I met in college. He has worked in the aviation industry and myself as a Realtor. My husband was born and raised in Fredericksburg, Texas. I always looked forward to our trips back home to see the family and just to go have fun in town or in Luckenbach. At the time the area was known for its peaches and just recently Wine Road 290 has been established. We would always come and help out during peach season and loved helping in the orchard and on the farm. My father-in-law has lived and worked on this 200-acre property his entire life and still does. It’s been in the family for over 100 years. When I was expecting our second child we took a job offer with Boeing in Charleston SC. It seemed like we were always moving from city to city. We took that opportunity to step back and reflect hard on what was truly important. We had a good life and I loved living in the city. We were always going and doing, but something was missing. We decided to move home and live in the old farm house, which is up the dirt road from the bed and breakfast. Our daughter was going to be starting school and after many years of life in the city we wanted to live the simple life. This made my family the seventh generation of Jenschkes to work the land. My husband transferred to Boeing in San Antonio and even though the commute was tough we made it work. We knew this town was special and that this was IT for us. We dug in our heels and started building our bed and breakfast. The bed and breakfast is located on the north side of our land in a peach orchard along Highway 290. We knew we had something unique - no one else had a bed and breakfast in a peach orchard. Our idea was to give guests a different setting and experience on our property. It was important to me that our guests be surrounded by the trees and to be able to walk and explore the orchard. They should feel free to step out on the back porch and pick a fresh peach. Although on some days you might catch a glimpse of my father-in-law on a tractor or the many loyal customers down at the peach stand. I wanted to let our guestshave a taste of the simple life too. It took us a year from start to finish, doing most the work ourselves and with the help from friends and family we were able to get it done. I thought that day would never come. When we opened the doors I had an overwhelming sense of pride and nausea because I wanted everything to be just right. I am happy to say that we have had tremendous success. My goal is to share the charm of Fredericksburg and Luckenbach, the convenience of being on Wine Road 290, and most importantly letting our guests step back and have a little taste of simple living. Thank you to all our past and future guests for letting us share this family treasure with you. Hope to see you soon.

Best wishes,
Lindsey Jenschke